Presentation at Buddist Temple in Ipoh

Today I gave a presentation to a group of young students [ more than 50 students] at a Buddist Temple in Ipoh. These children are having their education camp during their school holidays. I was invited to give talk about birds to them.

I introduced to them how to look for birds around our parks and gardens. How to appreciate what God have given to us. How to stay away and not to destroy nests or chopping trees and grass for no reason. Do not catch and cage birds and also advice if parents are keeping caged bird, tell them to release back in the wild and so on…..


Shown quite alot of videos on courting, building and bringing back nesting material, taking care of baby chicks, feeding, cleaning nest……
Last weekend I was at Tanjung Tuan joining friends for the RWW, I show them one captured video on raptors [ at least 50 ] circling around the sky for termal. Explained to them why are they circling. All are very impressed with the hugh amount of raptors flying in from Indonesia.
Children have been asking to show more videos on courting and fee


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