Black thighed Falconet – weird yawning behaviour

This morning went to check the falconet breeding pair. I still no chance to see any chicks. Female will stay back inside the nest most of the time. Male occasionally fly back for a while and fly out to his favourite perched.

The female caught my attention again with her weird behaviour. First she walk out from the nest taking some fresh air and look far at her partner. She was ‘yawning’ several times and I did not pay any attention to her. She walks back inside the nest and out again several times. Then slowly I noticed her ‘non stop yawning’ behaviour. She was yawning for about 30 minutes and I have recorded 4 videos to take back for counting [will write chart below]. From my videos and checking through the scope, she has ‘yawned’ more than 100 times in 30 minutes. This is an unusual yawning and not what some of my friends said, coughing out pellet, blowing out the air from the ear etc. I’ve seen this weird yawning from falcon [fledgling], Buffy Fish Owl [ female & fledgling ], Grey-head Fish Eagle, Lesser Coucal [ female ] and now the falconet from male, female and their young fledgling [ all in video]. All these evidence has been captured in video except for the Fish Eagle [ no video ]. I even have all these files selected out for me to further studies them.

Video that I have counted :

1st  Video from 2 min. 53 sec – yawned 53 times

2nd video from 1 min 14 sec – yawned 11 times

3rd video from 2 min 22 sec – yawned 28 times. Total : 92 times

So is  this a normal yawn? Please comments. Thank you.


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