Update on Peregrine Falcon

2/4/11 – observations start from 8.15am – 11am.

From my house I saw the male coming to the Malay school pylon looking down hunting for birds. He suddenly dived down to the housing area near my house and caught a Rock Pigeon. After catching his prey he flew back to the limestone hill. I quickly drove to paradise valley and 5 mins. I reach there.

Female already got her prey. She has landed on the surface of the rock. Male was resting nearby looking at her. She did not pluck the feather. She just stared at the prey screaming. After 10 minutes, he took the prey from her and flew over to the pylon where I was standing.

9.02am – Got so many opportunities to take some good picts when he was plucking the feather and tearing his prey to eat [attach pix 0560 – 0628].

9.14am – About 10 mins. later he stopped eating and called out loud for his mate to join him. She did not come to him.

9.17am – He continue to eat when she did not come over. He called several times out again for his partner to join him.

9.41am – A sub adult White-bellied SE was flying passed by their vicinity. Female gave alarm called and male look at the predator. Both were giving out loud alarm called. I have not heard this note before. Luckily all this was captured in the video. Female bravely dive bombed at the Sea-eagle away while the male was still giving the alarm call. When the SE flies nearer to the male, he grabbed his prey up and together both were chasing aggressively at the SE further away. During the dive bombed, the alarm call was still heard even from far distance. When the SE was out of sight, both return back to their vicinity and was soaring and playing around the valley. Few minutes later, female went to take the prey from the male in the air. She landed on top of the rock surface and had her meal for about 10 minutes.

Note: When the male took the prey up from the pylon metal, it was quite a big prey. I could see the prey is more than half left for the female to eat.

10.11am – When female finished her meal, she flew over to join the male still resting at the same perch. Once she landed on the branch, he jumps on her back and start copulating.

10/4/11 – observations start from 8.30am – 11.15am

This morning I decided to observe their activities near the roadside because I can see the whole entrance of their cavity. Even though I can see quite clear of the nest’s entrance, I am quite far away from the nest. If I stand nearer I won’t be able to see more inside the nest. The height of the cavity is lower and quite far apart from the previous cavity. Still is very far away from where I stand.

I suspect the female have not lay the egg yet. Whenever the male bring prey back, I don’t see her or male taking it back to the nest. Both will take turn to eat before the female will either go back to the nest for a while or fly in and out of the nest several times. She will rest on her favourite branch for a while and fly back to the nest. Occasionally male will seen flying back to the nest if the female is outside resting. He will stay for a short while before flying out.

Attach few picts.was taken from this morning. The pair had moved to another new nest. The other two old nests have been vacant from their earlier broods. In total they are using 3 different nests for breeding.

This morning the pair mated 3 times. I missed to capture video on their first [9.23am] and second [10.26am] mating. Their movement is too fast I have no time to move the scope. I was lucky I got it on their 3rd mating [11.12am] because I saw the female screaming and the male soaring few rounds near the female before diving back to copulate with her. I have to move the scope very fast before the male reach her. Ha ha….

Note: I went back to check them every 2 days and spent long hours observing them. Each trip I saw them mating and sometimes they mated twice in the half morning. While waiting for more activities, I spent time observing 2 pairs of Chestnut-headed Bee-eater feeding their chicks.


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