Kek Lok Tong’s birds & swallow nests‏

Since mid morning it was raining untill this morning. My trip to Cameron H was cancelled. Since it was still drizzling at 9am I decided to check Kek Look Tong birds including the 2 species of swallow still active in their nestlings.

The House Swallow [formerly known as Pacific Swallow] has 3 hungry chicks waiting for parents to feed them [ pix 3284 ].

The other swallow is the Rufous-bellied Swallow [formerly known as Striated/Red-rumped]. One is an old nest image taken in year 2006 with one still plastering it [ pix 6457 &  3073 ]. This nest took this pair at least 3 months to build it. Since then every year they will come back to nest.
Another new one [ 3066 ] was found in 2009. Now the female is inside incubating the eggs. I did not do any follow up because I have to walk inside the park. Just check on them occasionally.

Attach few images on the two different nest shapes for good comparison.
I also attach one old image on the Striated Swallow taken in 2007.

After finished all my ‘assignment’, I walk out from the park only to see this Starling pair taking a long bath.  About 2 minutes video them enjoying the chill water by dipping and jumping in and out of the water.

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