Black Thighed Falconet – updates

24/4/11 – observations start from 8.15am – 1.15pm.

The breeding pair was busy bringing back food for the chicks inside the nest. Another two adult female helpers was seen helping bringing back food.  This mean they are 1 male and 3 female around this morning. At least 1-2 females were inside the nest. I still have no chance to see any of their chicks hopping their heads out. Prey taken in are mostly dragonfly, ant and moth. Saw the male bringing back a dead bird inside the nest. Once he has delivered the prey he left the nest immediately. Less than a minute, female walk out from the nest holding the dead bird. She flies in and out from the nest and join the male resting on a wire pole. Shortly another female join them [pix 6867]. Another female was standing at the nest entrance looking at the 3 birds. Before I leave the site, I went below the nest and look for pellets and prey thrown out from the nest. Collected third pellet and was surprised I saw 2 pieces of remains [skeleton] from the bat. It has been dried up and guess it has thrown out a day earlier. I took the few items back home and soak with water.

Few pixs has been attached and I also include old pix [25/4/09] with the female holding a bat standing out the nest’s entrance. I hope I can get another good chance to see one of them holding a bat again.


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