Black-Thighed Falconet – updates

Observations start from 8.20am – 12.45pm

Saw female and 2 chicks regurgitated the pellet out. Went to collect them and I noticed the female one is quite soft. Immediately I took some pix on the 3 pellets because if I wait till I come back the pellet might have broken into pieces. The female one I poked a small stick in the middle of it. You can see the adult and chicks’ pellet are a bit different. Adult one is black and chick one is somehow beige. When I took back and soaked them with water, chick’s pellet has more undigested feather in it.

When you collect one pellet is ok but having 3 pellets is really smelly!

Saw at least 3 chicks inside the nest.

Attach 3 different chicks on different stages. From the youngest (approx. 2 weeks) to the eldest (less than 3 weeks), I think the difference on each chick is few days apart. I am not very sure too. I referred back my last few years record and with the present ones. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

Now I can’t wait to see the adults taking bath near the rock because there is a pipe with water flowing out. That water is clean and clear and is less than 4 feet above ground, very low. The wall on the side of the cave has crack and the water flow out from there. When one of the adults was taking bath I did not notice it because I was looking at the chicks through the scope. By the time I want to take some pix, she flew off.

Attach pix no. 8927 – after taking bath

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