Black-Thighed Falconet – 3 chicks

All 3 chicks are very active and curious. They all look so cute. The first and second chick are dared enough to sit near the edge of the eyrie. Occasionally the Starling and Myna will try to harass the nest and chicks. Parents saw it they will fly back immediately to chase them away.

I expect few days more at least one will fledge. Suspect 4 chicks inside the nest. I have to wait for one to fledge out than only I can check inside the cavity. Only 2 can be at the entrance. The rest have to jump up if they want to peep out what is happening outside. One attach pix no. 1266 shown 3 chicks looking out from the nest. You can see is too crowded for all three to stand near the entrance.


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