Black-Thighed Falconet – all 4 chicks fledged

Finally got some time to send out my last few visits report.

All 4 chicks took their maiden flight successfully.

1st fledged on – 19/5 [ pic  no. 2]. Pic no.3 saw the 1st fledgling fly back to the nest [20/5] and landed outside the eyrie before walking back inside the nest.

 2nd & 3rd fledged between 21st or 22nd – guess both on 21st based on their steady flight and landing on branches.

4th fledged and witnessed maiden flight on 24/5 at 10.01am – Before the last chick fledges, female was perching on a branch near the nest. She was calling constantly. Chick was looking at her from the nest. First I thought she was calling for the other 3 chicks. I guess she is trying to encourage the chick to fly out.

Fledgling did not move on it perched for more than an hour after taking its maiden flight. Female was still calling constantly for about 30 mins. ( took few videos) before flying over to join the other 4-5 birds.  When I left the site (11.15am), last fledgling was still resting on the same perching alone.

The other 3 chicks were flying around or either rest on a wire further away from the nest. Male and a female helper were there resting with them.

Total fresh regurgitated pellets collected – 37. Those pellets regurgitated out not on that day were not counted or collected.

27/5/11 – collected 2 pellets and some remains from the prey. One remains look like a bat skin. Please see pics 9 & 10, I took one from the outside skin with fine fur still attach on it and the other underskin.

28/5/11 – Spent the whole morning watching birds drinking and taking bath. Those are falconet, Starling, Myna, Tree-Sparrow and occasionally Shama. Falconet and Starling occupied the ‘bathroom’ more often. Attach pics 6 & 7.

Now is getting more difficult to see the juvs. around. They still come back to the nest to rest or perched on branches near the nest. One or 2 adults (sometime helper) still hanging around the vicinity.


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