Blue Whistling Thrush – post fledglings

I was at the right timing when this avian family (4 of them) were near the toilet foraging for food, drinking water and playing. Once all 4 of them went inside the drain for about few minutes before one parent came out holding a big snail. Juvs. were screaming and following parent begging for food. I saw juv. was digging for insect and worm. Another time, parent went inside the drain again and caught a medium size frog. One juv. was seen rushing to the parent and grabbed the prey from the parent. This was captured in video.

Juvs. plumage has changed to almost like adult. Even the bill is very similar.

Attach several pics. were handheld because juv. was hopping and there inside the drain.

Juvs. shown the back of the head is a bit bald.

I believed this is the family I was observing their nest in Sept/Oct 2011.

First chick fledged on 9/10/10, second chick fledged on 10/10/10.


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