Kek Look Tong pics.

Wow….another lucky morning! Saw another good moth! This time is a juvenile and is so well camouflaged when it landed on the rock surface. Mon. I took a pair mating at Tambun and today I got it at Kek Look Tong. I hope I got it correct as juv.

I went back to check the BWT post fledgling. As I was climbing up the stair to another prayer’s hall I saw a pair chasing and playing around the hall. One of them flew to the dustbin and picked up a durian seed thrown by visitor. The thrush was enjoying so much like human and is ‘truly a Malaysian thrush’. It cleaned up the whole seed [pix 8507] and went back for another. The partner was staring at his/her mate while resting on one leg up. I recorded a video when the bird was pushing and rolling the seed.

I walk passed by inside the cave and walk further towards the end to check the Rufous-bellied Swallow [all not in]. Also check the magpie nest with 3 chicks going to fledge soon [pix 8553].

When I walk back to the parking lot, I always look around for the thrushes and sparrow. Saw another pair of Java Sparrow busy carrying nesting material back to the nest.
From quite a distance I saw something flapping its wing. I knew is either a butterfly or moth and I also notice the size is hugh. I walk nearer and was surprised to see a juv. Atlas moth [8914-correct me if id is wrong, thanks]. I never expect to see it so soon when especially I saw the pair mating [0866] at Tambun on Mon. evening. Wow…. within 1 week I saw them twice. If the juv. did not flapped its wing I will never know there is a moth resting on the wall.


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