My faithful ‘bodyguards’‏

Finally I have these few dogs to say thank you to them. They are my ‘bodyguard’ for all these few months. Without them all of us will not be able to see the pellets and remains of the prey thrown out by the falconet during their nesting season. The brown dog will accompany me for as long as I am there (between 3-6 hours). The other 3 dogs will be still near by the compound. Once I called to them they will come to me and stay for a while before walking off somewhere but not the brown dog.

During my observation, regularly many monkeys will come down from the hill looking for food offer by people passing by. It can be as many as 30-50 or more. The monkeys are only scared of dogs and not human. I was once nearly attack by more than 30 monkeys. I screamed for help and all the 4-5 dogs rushed to rescued me.  After this incident, I talked to the dogs and offered them some tit bits every time before I leave the site. The brown dog is really faithful to me. Quite often he will slept under my tripod and I will gave him some ‘massage’ around his neck and face.


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