Updated on Black-Thighed Falconet

This morning went back to check the falconet. Hoping to see the post fledgling, none of them were at home. Only the male came back occasionally and left the vicinity very soon. Female regularly stay behind by either flying back to the nest and left almost immediately. She flew out either perched on their favourite tree near the nest or the wire pole. Once when she flew back I saw her regurgitate a pellet out, bent down and pick up remains of the bat and threw it out below the nest. I went immediately to check and found both. I also regularly found feathers from the Spotted Wood Owl dropped down nearby or below their nest. I used a tiny stick and poked on top of the pellet, just to indicate it was still wet and soft. Attach pix. 0550 shown pellet, remains from the bat and the owl feather. I think the falconet hunt the bat quite often because I had already found the bat’s remain several times.

Worker staying there told me they used to see 3-4 big birds in the night. Last year on one morning I saw one adult Spotted Wood Owl (SWO) at a glimpse. During this year when I was observing this falconet nesting, I collected more than 8 feathers. So I suspect this feather in the pic. [0550] belong to the SWO.

While waiting and hoping for the juvs. to come back, I explored their hunting site deeper inside the bushes. There I found one of my ‘bodyguards’ nursing her 4 puppies [pix 0900]. I did not walk further in so that she can continue to look after them.

Attach few more pics taken at the same site. I am surprised the wild ginger plant [0844] can be seen there. I did not bother to digiscope the wild ginger because I did not want to disturb the female dog. So the camera was handheld and is some distance away from me.


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