Magnification show from 3 Blue Whistling Thrush – a new prey has been found!‏

When I heard both adults chasing and ‘screaming’ I thought they will playing around inside the cave. It was too dark for me to see what they were doing. I saw few bats flying in and out around from inside the cave. I did not know that 3 BWT were actually chasing after the bats. When I realized what was happening (this happened before when they chased the House Swift) I used my bino to trace after the thrush or the bat. There is no way I can go after them. I have to see from my naked eyes and followed them from a distance. I heard the bats screaming and the 3 thrushes were making very aggressive ‘scratching note’ during the chased. It took them more than 20 minutes to catch one. Once caught the adult took it back in the dark cave (should be taking back to the cache) and the other two followed immediately. I heard very noisy sound from the thrushes and I was quite frustrated I cannot see what was happening inside the dark cave. I did not climb up the stair to get a better view and shine the torch because this might disturbed them. Anyway I might not even get to see the prey! At least I had found another new prey from them.

Note : 9.7.11 – the adults start taking nesting material back inside the dark cave.

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