More azaming pics. on insects

This morning Tou and I went to Lost World of Tambun hunting for insects and flies. We were there for at least 5 hours searching for all these tiny lovely creatures. Oh…. I am so crazy with them now!!

They were so many different species of grasshopper, butterfly, moth and bee to entertain us. Both of us took many photos and exchange our images when we reach home.

There I went back to the same tree [ last week I saw the pair mating] to look for the Twig Twilters. Amazing they were on the same tree and this time Tou counted six and I counted five [pix 4396 shown 5 only]. I told Tou to watch out for at least 1 pair might be breeding. We were waiting there sometime, no action so we started to look for other insects around. Less than an hour we return back to see any action, true enough both were already mating [pix 4687]. After taking some photos we left them alone and about 45 minutes later another pair was seen mating. So at least 2 pairs were seen breeding.

Attach few more images from this morning and few were taken at Kek Look Tong.

Also thank you to Dr. Amar  to id the White Imperial Butterfly.

I am sure Tou will have his own story to share with us. Again I have to thanks Tou for helping me to id many names in here.


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