Updates on LTS

Saw 2 birds – 1 is the male and 1 suspect is from past brood. I recognize by the black frontal still has a bit of blur scale. The eye ring still has some white spot.
Male kept giving alarm call near the nest. He caught a young fledgling from the Common Tailorbird. He perched next to the nest tree and has the prey struck at the Y shape branch and started to pluck the feather out. As I moved nearer hoping to take some shot, he took it away and went inside the bamboo tree. He continues to pluck the feather and fed some to himself before he flew off behind the bamboo tree.

I went to check below their nest and found at least 5 dried pellets [ 5387] a skull with black bill still attach from a small bird [pic. 5383 shown a black bill, likely to be an adult Scaly-breasted Munia ] and few feathers [ 5489 ] from the Tailorbird which was plucked out earlier. I continue to look for more evident on Y shape branch hoping to see some prey left behind by the shrike. I found a prey upper part from a small dead lizard dangling quite low on a branch at my eye level [5411]. I spent about 15 minutes below the nest. The male came back several times and perch either near the roadside on a wire pole or few trees away from the nest. I wanted to continue searching for more but decided to leave away from the nest. Less than a minute the male flew back and perched on a wire in front of the nest tree.

The other “immature “ [ I saw earlier ] was hunting for himself/herself at the far end of the open grassland.


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