Amazing morning with cuckoos…..‏

From my house [around 7.30am] I heard several Plaintive Cuckoo calling. I took my old dog for a walk and passed by the ‘cuckoo field’. Counted at least 4 Plaintive, male and female with the Banded Bay C calling from the same small field. That time was around 8am.  A pair of Pied Triller was on the ground foraging for caterpillar. The male caught it and offered to the female, think could be breeding now.

After I took my quick breakfast I was so tempted to go back instead of rushing my ‘homework’ which my daughter is teaching me using new format for my future note. I can’t concentrate on my notes when all the cuckoos, Triller, barbet and woodpecker are calling round the corner of my house. I shall be very silly if I am still at my PC doing my ‘homework’.

Ok lah….. I don’t care ‘teacher’….. I dashed out with my scope and walked straight to the ‘cuckoo field’ [less than 100 meters]. Oh my God…. at least 5 Plaintive C, Banded C and a male Triller all on the densed grass foraging for caterpillars. A pair of Black-naped Oriole with their juvs. were flying low above the ground. I finally realized they were chasing the Coppersmith away.

Now the interested story starts from here…..

What caught my full attention is the male Plaintive C was feeding 1 immature male and female. I already suspect adults do fed the juvs. after when the host parents left them but cannot not confirm it without any proof with photo. Again I still cannot get any image on the feeding. Thanks to the dogs chasing them away. I waited for about 30 minutes before ‘action’ continue back. From what I guess the male could have mistaken the female as young female [later to be his ‘wife’] but what about the young male! This is still a big question mark to me! The male was spending most of his time on the grass chasing the male Triller away. Adults Plaintive will not allow the triller to go near the immature foraging for caterpillar themselves [pic 1604]. Triller will have to fly further away from the cuckoos or perched on the rusty steel [pic 1608] aiming straight for the caterpillar.

I was thinking if Oriental C is here most of the cuckoos were be up on the branches watching the Oriental [‘president of the AGM’] chasing one after another. That will be more fun observing them! Oriental I am still waiting for you……

I counted there are 3 males   and 4 females Plaintive Cuckoo including those immature, either on the grass or perched on the rusty metal to rest.

The Banded C left when I was standing on the ‘cuckoo field’. It was perched quite low on a tree branch calling for partner. Partner responded back by calling normal note.

We have the White-throated KF hunting for food for his/her chicks inside the nest.

My observation was disrupted by 2 poachers coming to the opposite field just across the road. I left the site very frustrated and proceed my bird watching at Kek Look Tong checking the thrushes and Java Sparrow.

Species saw this morning :

At least 7 Plaintive Cuckoo, Banded Cuckoo, Banded Woodpecker, Black-naped Oriole, Pink-necked Pigeon, Coppersmith & Lineated Barbet, Common and Ashy Tailorbird, Commor Iora, Crimson Sunbird, Scarlet-backed FP, Chestnut-headed BE, White-throated KF, bulbuls, Mynas, White-breasted Waterhen with young chicks [bathing] and Greater Coucal.

Apologized for images all not good. I don’t go for good images these days. I only want to take a quick shot and go on to the next bird all for record purposes. If I want images to be sharp and good that will take me a lot of time and I won’t be able to catch up their behaviour or ‘action’.

Location, date and time are inside the caption.


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