Blue-eared Kingfisher-immature

This young adult Blue-eared KF was very tamed. It was on the same perched for more than 30 minutes. I’ve got so much opportunity to study all the details. The farmer told me this family ate a lot of their fishes. I told them, please don’t get worry because they also help you to catch insects from your fruits. Of course we all know that their main diet is fish.

She was so comfortable with her quiet hide out that she flew nearer over to my hide out and fully exposed. Finally she realized I was there and slowly she is getting more relaxing with me because I was not moving at all.

This is a good perched for other kingfisher. Stork-billed, White-throated and Common Kingfisher frequent this hidden branch. Their perch is just slightly above the water, so is a good hunting hide out for them.


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