Common Bluetail Damselflies – mating

I was observing a pair of Fish Eagle when I saw few of this Common Bluetail Damselfly flying around me. Since there is nothing much to see on the FE I sat on a rock and started to take some images of the damselfly. Then a pair was passing by and it was mating while still on flight. I tried to take some pic. on them but because of the movement I cannot take any good shot. I look around near the stream and was so surprised I counted first more than 10 and more….. I guess there are about 50 of them and at least counted 10 pairs mating. It was so fascinating to see them mated in this position ( or did I get it wrong ). I even took a pic. on 4 pairs mating on the same stem [pic 1637].

I also took few pics on the Orange-winged Groundling Dragonfly [correct me if id is wrong] catching a male damselfly take a rest ( pic N0973 ).

Images are blurred because of the constant flow of water down to the stream.



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