Peregrine Falcon

This morning before I drive inside the valley, I will always take a brief moment to check on this pair.

8.30am – the male was resting high up the valley. Female was resting on the other side of the valley.

9.45am – female was still on her same perched. Male was not at home so expect him to go hunting.

9.55am – heard the female suddenly screaming. From far she saw the male bringing back a big Rock Pigeon [ flying in from the direction near my house]. She dashed out and followed the male from behind. He landed high up on the pylon not far distance away from me. She grabbed the prey and flew lower down away from him. She started to plucked the feathers and ate for about 15 minutes before the male took over. He ate for about 15 minutes and threw some away. While he was eating, female suddenly gave alarm called [ 2nd time time I heard this note ]. I scanned around and saw a small flock of raptors [ think could be OHB ] passing by the valley. The male immediately stopped eating and look up. If he don’t look up I will not know those raptors are passing by.


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