Black-Thighed Falconet

Since Nov. I went back to check on this pair every once a week. From Dec. I will go back more often.

Most of my visits I don’t see them often. Yesterday I check below their nest hoping to collect some prey thrown out from their cavity. None, except many old pellets. Three new pellets were found on the ground. Attach pix [N2813] shown a fresh pellet still wet on the ground. I was there after 8am and all not at home.

This morning I reached there at 8am and just in time to see both of them resting on the pole [pix N2820] just before both flew off. I stay around until 12pm at their hunting ground looking for butterfly. First I was quite excited when I saw 2-3 Lime Butterfly resting low on the ground with the wings opened [pix 7990]. Best time to take images is before the sunlight come in. After the sunlight came in they were start flying here and there. Then as I look up at the pomelo tree I saw few more flying around the tree.  I counted at least seven of them. The Falconet did not come back when I left the site at 12pm.

This evening when I take my old dog out for a walk, I saw a very attractive butterfly flying in to my doorstep. Wow…. a  Lime Butterfly resting on a leave until is dark [ pix 8484]. Think it was staying around there to sleep.


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