Striped Albatross-mating

Another mating species for my collections. There I saw at least 3 Lime butterfly. Two were chasing one after the other. I wish I can get this pair mating too…..

While waiting for the falconets to come back I saw 3 pairs Striped Albatross mating. Got images on two different pairs.  Eventually I concentrate on 1 pair only.

Before mating, the female will give signal to the male by showing her abdomen pushing up. The male will fly near and flies off again. The female followed and landed on another perch showing the same behaviour. This courtship was taking so long until I had to sit and wait for ‘action’.

During mating, when they are disturbed by another male or Psyche, the one will carry the mate along to another perched [pix 6887 & 7064].

Attach few more species taken on the same morning.


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