Mulberry Longhorn Beetle

After coming out from Kek Look Tong I drove out near the Malay cemetery and scanned for butterfly.  Instead I saw a Longhorn Beetle. I took some photos and look nearby for his/her partner. There I saw a ‘motionless’ female Garden Fence Lizard aiming for her prey. After waiting for about 45 mins. the lizard dashed over and got for her prey [pic. 3824 & 3826]. Unfortunately I could not take any images at that moment because I was changing a new battery to my camera. What a wrong timing….

While taking images of the beetle I noticed it pee and relieve many dropping. It was peeling the bark of the branch to eat. Look at the branch carefully and you will see a small portion of the bark was eaten up and at the back of the beetle lots of dropping relieved out.

Thank you to Prof. Lin (from China) for identified the beetle.


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