Buffy Fish-Owl (12.3.12)‏

Owl Buffy FishWhile I was walking back with my dog (that was around 7pm) I saw the Large Hawk Cuckoo coming back ‘home’ to roost.  The LHC was hopping from one branch to another before it decided this is the right ‘bed’ he/she used to sleep every night. This LHW has been roosting at his secret place for the past 4-5 years. So only the bird and I knew where the secret place is, haha…

Just than a bigger bird behind the cuckoo shown some movement inside the dark hidden patch.  My first thought was could be another raptor trying his/her luck to hunt this cuckoo!!  I quickly rushed my dog home and dashed out with my bins.

Wow…. that is ‘my handsome boyfriend’ I missed seeing him for the past two years. I thought he has gone somewhere else because all the big trees have gone. I quickly went back and dashed out with the scope. When he saw the ‘big mirror’ pointing at him, he flew behind the small lake where some migratory birds are roosting there too. I walk down the slope (near Malay school) and there I saw ‘my boyfriend’ again. I quickly took few reasonable shots and he flew away from the open. Oh…. my goodness….. BINGO…. Two male Black Bittern were frightened by the BFO. Both flew in different direction and at the end all was gone almost immediately.

The sky was already dark and I tried to scan for the Chestnut-winged Cuckoo roosting site. It was right inside resting very still not moving at all. Maybe fallen asleep!

As I walk back home I used my soft torch to shine the LHW to check whether the cuckoo has gone to ‘bed’ or not. Yes, he/she was there and when I shine the cuckoo no movement, eyes closed, look like already in his deep sleep. I think if I shake the branch he might not even ‘wake’ up. Haha….


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