Black-thighed Falconet -breeding pair

Observation starts from 8.45am – 2pm.

Very soon this breeding pair will show lots of ‘action’ on their feeding and hunting behaviour.

For the past 1 month I’ve been checking the nest at least once a week. Since last week I went back 2-3 times. I suspect eggs has been laid. Female don’t fly out often but occasionally was seen resting at the entrance of the nest. I also suspect inside the cavity there should be at least one helper taking turns to incubate the eggs. Because when another female is looking out from the nest, her feature is different from the normal female I saw. This one looks a bit younger than the normal female I used to see. Maybe could be their previous brood coming back to help. Male is out more often and hunt food back to the nest. He doesn’t stay inside the nest for long. Sometimes just deliver the prey and out immediately.

During the nesting season, predators like the House Swift, Jungle Myna and Tree-sparrow were seen harassing their nest entrance. See attachment pix no.  2918 an adult Tree-sparrow just flew down and landed at the entrance. Before the sparrow could land steadily on the rock the female falconet dashed out. The sparrow got frightened and I can see the sparrow whole body was jumping up and flew out away for his/her life. (Tree Sparrow harassed their nest several times before)

Another very special behaviour was taken note. When these predators flew passed by or dashed in to their entrance of the cavity, either the falconet inside will chase them away or the male will flies back with full speed and stand in front of the entrance behaviour like a ‘drunken bird’. Several videos were captured for future documentation showing how they protect their nest. Yesterday I got one very closed video recording showing the female was bending very low by turn her body from left to right many times. The video shown her neck and body was rubbing on the rock surface from the nest entrance [pix 3683]. This special behaviour can last between 5 – 30 minutes. The male show a different behaviour by pushing his neck high up and shake from left to right many times. This special kind of behavioural can be only seen during their nesting time.


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