Insect at Ulu Geroh, Gopeng

Last weekend spent time looking for insects. I knew that place is a haven for insects. Instead bird life is not so promising. But still I saw the male Blue-banded Kingfisher. I will not be surprise if I could see the Rufous-collared Kingfisher there too. Many butterflies lifer for me.

Attach 2 different insects which most insect lover would love to see. The Stick Insect is not easy to be spotted. The orange asli woman shows me the Stick Insect and it took me about 3 minutes to see it. It was so well  camouflaged that what I saw is only broken branches hanging upside down. She told me don’t look for the head; look for the four long legs and sharp thorns. Aaah…. Then only I spotted it. The insect is maybe a foot long or longer!

This Leaf Insect is not as hard for me to look for it. But still it took me about 30 seconds to spot on it.

Again the orange asli woman said “look at the claws”. It looks exactly like a leaf. I think due to my disturbance the Leaf Insect came out and turn the head upside down to look at me. After taking some shots I left the insect alone.

Next will be showing some images on butterfly especially our national Rajah Brook’s Bird wing.


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