Coppersmith Barbet – witness chick’s maiden flight

Another birder’s dream to witness chick taking its maiden flight out from the nest.

I was doing my observations on the falcon pair when I heard a pair of Coppersmith calling nonstop with their fruit still holding on their mouth. I knew they were feeding their chick still inside the nest. Taking quick looks every now and then at the chick’s behaviour for about 30 minutes, I sensed the chick might be fledging out soon. The chick has it ¾ body coming out from the nest twice and through previous experienced I knew this chick should be fledging anytime. I then diverted my full attention and point the scope at the nest.

Before the chick fledges, both parents were coaching the chick out from the nest. Chick also response back by calling back or pushing the head in and out of the nest for about 10 minutes (attach video no. 0072). Chick tried twice to push more than half the body out but was too nervous and went back in.  Both parents were waiting very excitingly for their brood to fledge out.

Few images were taken prior before chick fledges and also blurred images when chick claw out from the nest. After the whole chick came out from the nest, it was still dangling upside down the nest shivering before chick took its maiden flight at 10.46am. When the chick was dangling for about 20 seconds, this gives me another opportunity to take a set of multi shots for 10 images. Instead of flying down or straight for a branch to land on it, chick flew up away less than 15 feet from the nest and landed perfectly well on a branch (see pix 9436). Parents immediately flew in and feeding was done immediately. I think young fledgling had an instant to flap their wings even though there is no space for them to do some flapping inside the small nest.

After resting less than five minutes, chick took its second flight much longer distance than the first flight. Soon young fledgling was seen flying from one branch to another. It looks like the chick has already ‘mastered’ its flight.

Prior to its maiden flight I managed to capture some videos. One was seen regurgitating pellet out from the nest. After the fledging I went below the nest and search for pellet/s. Having some experienced collecting pellets from previous observations, is not so much problem for me to search for them. First I found nothing on the ground but after careful checking I found some wet and old ones. Several wet ones were due to overnight rain. But I can figure out which are the fresh one. I found at least 3 fresh ones because they are soft and wet. I gathered the two together and took images on the same spot. I also measure the size of the pellet and took home to soak with water than separated them out. (see pix 9503 & 9524).

Thank you for viewing. 


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