Feeding action on Chestnut-headed Bee-eater

On 26/3/12 I’ve sent out on this breeding pair feeding young nestlings with small preys taking back to the nest.

This morning intensive observation starts from 7.50-12.30pm
I was given permission to go inside the compound of the owner’s house so that I won’t be given too much attention people passing by the roadside.

At least 5 adults were taking turn to take prey back to the nest to feed at least 2-3 chicks inside. During feeding I heard many noises inside the nest. I check the dark nest inside without using any torch light and saw a mature chick looking straight at the scope. Looking through scope I can still managed to see the face and feature of the chick even though is still dark. I guess chicks are fledging anytime. But to take any photo on the chick will definitely be difficult. So before the adult go back to the nest I will set the camera to the extreme brightness to focus inside the nest. I cannot adjust much of the setting because I have to change the setting within seconds when adult appear outside feeding the chick. So images taken during feeding is over exposed from outside but inside I have to PS. Please see attach picts nos 4 & 5. All images has been cropped and PS. Not a single pellet can be found on the brick floor. Feeding was very closed in the morning and after 11.30am feeding began to slow down.

I am glad I took this new butterfly watching hobby since last year in June. At least now I can identify some species on the Bee-eater taking back to the nest.

Prey taken back to the nest are:
A least 20 Blue Glassy Tiger Butterfly. Also attach old picture on this butterfly [N8820]
3 Common Eggfly Butterfly
2 Lemon Emigrant Butterfly
Several species of moth, dragonfly, grasshopper and bee.

Around 10.22am, suddenly something black and yellow dropped down on the cemented floor. That was less than 20 feet away from me. At that precious moment I was too engrossed with the Bee-eater all landed on the tiny branch waiting turn to go in the nest. They come and go too fast that I have to give full attention on the prey they are holding. So when I saw something on the floor, I thought it was a Common Birdwing Butterfly because the back was facing me. Also this Birdwing was high on my waiting list to take photo. When it was shaking its head left and right than I only realized it was a bird. A very good bird…… oooh what a blessing to me and BINGO!!! It was a male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher and also high on my wanted list to take photo. The flycatcher was regurgitating a pellet out (can see the pellet on the floor-pix no. 1142 & 1145). I quickly moved the scope and took several fantastic shot! The flycatcher was on the floor for about 20 seconds. After he left I quickly moved the scope back to the Bee-eater. I forgot completely to take photo of the pellet and the measurement. I wasted this chance and I don’t think I will have that luck again. I only realized it when I reached home. Is too late for me to go back because I had already locked the gate before I leave.

I think I am collecting more pellets than bird’s feather during my field observations. Not bad another new collection to study them. 


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