Stork-billed Kingfisher being caged

This poor kingfisher was caged on 24/5/12 because the farmer told me he/she used to come to his farm to catch many of his small fishes. I asked him when he is going to release the kingfisher. His answer was – “Soon!”. I hope the kingfisher is not feeding the young chicks now. Until today he/she is still caged. It is almost one month since he was captured.

Whenever I passed by I refused to look at the kingfisher because it is so sad that I cannot help to release it out. The farmer might get angry with me and possibly he might not even allow me to pass by his place. Even though I won’t go near I still check with my bino to make sure he is being fed.

This morning I checked on the ground and found so many dried pellets below the cage. I was so uncomfortable to see the bird looking at me. He looks strong and healthy and yet I cannot help him. I picked up the dried pellets, took them home and took some images. The pellets are quite big size. One image shown the size from the tape ( pict. 5594 ). I also picked up few feathers from the bird.


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