Rufous-bellied Swallow’s nest


Another good nest found and what was so amazing is that I can see the interior.

In the past I’ve seen at least 3 nest built by Rufous-bellied Swallow but none of them I had the chance to see them bringing up their broods. I only saw them when the chicks fledged. I hope this time I can have the good opportunity to see them feeding their chicks.

I’ve been following this pair for the past one month taking mud back to the cliff. I was standing quite a far distance from where they take the mud soaked with rain water on the ground. The moment they took flight I see through the bino to follow them back and many times I lost them when they headed back to the cliff side because they were too small for me to see as they flew further. Is like from one end to the other far end. Then I changed my view watching them by standing in the middle of the field trying to get nearer to the nest. Each trip I tried to go nearer and nearer…… Until few days ago I finally saw the exact ‘patched’ they flew in. When I go under the cliff hanging below, I cannot find the nest. They did not want to come back. I stand far away again and sat on a stool waiting, waiting….. for about 30 minutes. Finally they return and still go back to the same spot that I had checked earlier!!! Not satisfied, I walk back and check every gaps, corners etc.

I’ve found it!!! It was so well camouflaged that I nearly missed it again. Goodness, the nest was so low that I can even touch the nest with my hand stretched out (less than 6 feet above ground level). Now is my best opportunity to take every detail of their interior.

Few images show how the nest was built for incubation. Where is the entrance?

To my past record note, it takes them about 3 months to complete the whole nest.

All images are taken with a handheld camera with original size except to resize it. Photoshop has been used to touch the images a bit, no flash  light on.

File no. 5938 –  using digiscope.

Thank you for viewing.


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