Yellow-bellied Prinia-chicks

Before I leave for Sabah, I saw this nest with 3 eggs inside. The female has been sitting inside for the past few days. I thought when I return back from Sabah I won’t be able to see the family again or maybe only 1-2 chicks survive or might not even survive.

I’ve seen numerous nests on this same species but most of them either have 1 or 2 chicks fledged successfully. Some has predators came to eat their eggs or chicks. But for this one all 3 chicks fledged successfully. I thought this one might not be successful again because the nest was built in between a serai (lemon grass) plant. It was less than 1.5 foot above the ground. Any dogs or cats passing by can see it.

I was so surprised on 17/7 I went to check the nest, all 3 chicks were still attached together inside!!! They were so innocent looking up at me. They don’t know what danger to them is! 18/7 morning I saw 3 of them scattered all over the ground near the nest. Lucky there were no dogs and cats around. Parents came back often to feed them. Later in the afternoon I went to check again, no sound, nobody on the ground, Oh my goodness!! All gone…  Not satisfied I went to the nest hoping to see at least one back inside the nest! But I doubt so… Ooooh…! I had my smiling face back when I saw all 3 sleeping quietly inside!!! Goodness I never knew they go back to the nest to sleep like fledgling from the raptors or owls.

Next morning (19/7) I took my camera out with me hoping to take images on the young fledgling/s. Surprised me again, all 3 were resting inside the nest! I quickly took 2 shots and walked away because parents were so nervous and making alarm note when I went near to their chicks. As I walked away one chick jumped down to the ground and followed by the other two. All were again on the ground hopping here and there.

Attach 3 images for your viewing pleasure and thanks for viewing.


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