Royal Belum trip – 31st Aug to 2nd Sept.


Just back from Royal Belum for 3D 2N. We have this group 24 people including trip leader Ms Lee. All of us stay at the boathouse with basic facility. They have 2 bedrooms and 1 toilet to share among us. Most of us slept at the hall which is also our dinner hall and bedroom. The weather was very hot and humid but we enjoyed the atmosphere surrounded by rainforest. In the night we can feel the breeze with cool fresh air blowing. It can be quite cold in the early morning. Two slide shows were shown after dinner. One is “TEMENGOR- THE DISAPPEARING RAIN FOREST”. Courtesy from MNS-HQ. Second evening was ““The Oriental Honey Buzzards of 99 Peaks“.

We were on a different route where the boathouse was parked. No hornbill or eagles near our site. During our sightseeing boat ride we saw few Lesser Fish Eagle resting on the dead stump and two Plain-pouched Hornbills flew across the lake from one side to the other. When the hornbill landed, I used my bino to check on the tree and counted at least 10 hornbills resting inside the shade of the fig tree.

We visited the Orang Asli settlement, salt lick and Sungai Papan camping site. We tried to look for rafflesia but no luck. What we saw are only buds on the vine dangling.

Attached images are for your viewing pleasure.

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