Fantastic morning with small feather ‘friends’


This morning it was raining quite heavy. After rain stop at 10.30am, I went to paradise valley for a relaxing bird watching. There I saw a nightjar ‘sleeping’ on an open branch drying up itself [#1285]. Few meters away I saw a flowering tree [less than 5 meter high] with many birds call. After careful checking through the bino I saw a whole family of this Crimson Sunbird. I could not find the female. I found 1 male [#1307], 1 eclipse male[#1327], 1 immature eclipse male [#1354 & 1376 – please correct me if my id is wrong] and 1 juvenile or might be the female [no pict.]. Also joining in for the ‘buffet’ were Yellow-vented Bulbul, Red-eyed Bulbul, Brown-throated Sunbird [#1391], Common Tailorbird, Common Iora and a Plaintive Cuckoo calling almost nonstop [#1321].

I nearly give up taking photos on the sunbird because they are moving nonstop.



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