Lake Temengor trip on 8-10 Sept 2012


Another successful trip for hornbill watching from 8-10 Sept 2012.

A brief note to share with you.

We left the boathouse at 6.25am. It was still very dark [#0330]. Before we reach Pos Chiong many Plain-pouched Hornbills has already arrived. We reached there around 6.50am. One flock has landed with more than 40 hbs resting on top of a dead tree branches [#0418]. Some of them flew off and some came in to join the rest. They were there for about 20 minutes before all took flight. Lightning was not very good.

On our second day late afternoon, we made a special trip back [paid extra] to Pos Chiong. We reached there around 4.45pm until 7.10pm. After 5pm we saw the spectacle show from the hornbills coming back from Royal Belum, passing by Pos Chiong and back to their roosting place near the Thai border. Our counting was more than 700 hornbills passing by. The figure could be more if we did not leave at 7.10pm. We were told to leave at the time because for safety reason to reach back before the sky is getting very dark.

All images are camera handheld with PS, cropped and resized. Images taken are for record purpose and many are blurred shot.

0544 – Panoramic view facing from the boathouse’s balcony.
0358 – The red arrow shows our landing site to watch for hornbills flying passed above us or passing by. We have a very clear view to look out far for the hornbills coming in.
0551 – Showing participants very excited when these hornbills came in few large flocks.
0666 – As the speed boat was taking us back we took the opportunity to watch the sunset.

Out of 10 species hornbills in temengor our group saw 6 species which I considered very good. Most of these species was seen during on flight. These are:

Plain-pouched, Black, Great, Helmeted, Rhinoceros and Pied Hornbill.

A brief counting for the 2 mornings and 1 afternoon.

9.9.12 – 6.59am onward –     430

7.40 – 9.50am          118             Total: 618

Afternoon – 4.35 – 6.40pm                       total : 726

10.9.12 –  7.10am onwards    – 733

7.40am                   361

7.55 – 9.55am          171          total 1265
Thank you,


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