Crested Honey Buzzard-juvenile


As usual I took my old dog Mogu for her morning walk. As I was looking down I saw a big shadow passing by over my head. I looked up and saw a raptor with very pale under-wing and tail. First I thought it was a juvenile Changeable Hawk Eagle. Then it landed on top of a tree full of ripe figs. I did not have my binoculars with me but still thought it was the Hawk Eagle. I was quite impatient with Mogu and told her to walk back home faster. When I looked at the raptor it looked like he was moving his head quite a lot, something like catching moth because I can see the bright yellow color of the moth’s wing. I thought he was enjoying and having fun swaying his head left and right!!

I quickly rushed to home and took the scope to see what he/she was catching. To my surprise I saw him catching many bees one by one to eat [pic. #9751]. Also, he was catching at least 15 Tiger Moths [hope I got the id right and this is a day moth] to eat. He was there for more than 30 minutes before he flew off. (Attached 2 old images of the day moth.)

I tried to look for his crest but cannot see it. I sent images to Dr. Wells for confirmation and he confirmed it is a juvenile Honey Buzzard.



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