Black-thighed Falconet-breeding pair


Once again is time for me to spend more time with this breeding pair.

Yesterday as I was taking some images on the female, she suddenly flew off and landed to the other end. I heard many noises there. I was quite surprised 4 birds were pushing each other. I quickly take the scope and check carefully. 3 females and one male (sandwich in between). He was bringing back a dead young Scaly-breasted Munia for them. All females are fighting for their share. The strongest one will have it. She grabbed the prey and moved further away from them. Looking them through the scope I saw the male was still in a shock how the family behave in such manner. I was standing quite far away from them and is not possible for me to take any record shots. I was so frustrated I couldn’t take a shot and knew is oh no, no, no…….

Well bird watching is like when you can take photo on it is a bonus for you. For me if I can witness how they behave and what they are doing is good enough.

I still managed to take dozens of images on the female plucking and tearing the prey to eat. Also capture few videos showing how much the female is enjoying her juicy meal while the other 3 (one male and 2 females) were watching. The female took about 20 minutes to finish the whole prey with short interval. 2 flew back to the nest.

I walked to the nest to check them. Before I reach there a female was resting outside the entrance of the nest. Male flew off hunting again. This time he brings back a dragonfly and took it back to the nest. The female was screaming when she saw him coming back with prey. Once inside I heard many noises inside. I wonder how many are resting inside. He was inside and standing outside for few minutes before he flies out again.



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