Pellets from Stork-billed King Fisher


I was doing my usual field when I saw this Stork-billed King Fisher ‘shivering’ his/her bill. I quickly checked through the bins and saw it regurgitated the big pellet out. Wasting no time I rushed to the place where this pair of King Fisher used to rest during the day. Luckily there was no rain to destroy my luck finding the ‘gem stone’. Images # 0766 & 0793 were taken straight from the original place ( pellet still wet ) and later took back home for measurement. Less than a foot away I found another old dried pellet. I picked up the new one, placed on a soft leaf and placed together next to the old one. Many skeletons are found inside the pellets. When I reached home I took them out, I was careless the new one was damaged a bit.



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