Cuckoo back in action – 20.11.13


Have not been bird watching for the past few months but occasionally will look out for migratory birds coming in.

Few species of cuckoo has already arrived but this Chestnut-winged Cuckoo (got 2) was very tame this morning. Still I have to stand some distance away from them [approx. 30-50 meter].

Lots of action from them and few more different species joining them for the caterpillars. Is fascinating to see Plaintive [female] chasing the Drongo and then Chestnut-winged chased after the Drongo which I thought Drongo is the one that should be chased all away!

Joining them are – Black-naped Oriole [family], Pied Triller, Lesser and Greater Coucal, White-throated KF, Brown Shrike, Asian Brown Flycatcher, Linated Barbet, Banded Cuckoo [heard very nearby] and few more very common birds.

Large Hawk and Oriental arrived [early Nov] but I think they are passage migrant. I don’t see both of them anymore.

Chestnut-winged was so tame they come down to the ground and landed low on branches to rest as long as 5 minutes. I am so lucky to have these 2 chestnut-winged trusted me so much.




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