Two species fighting for a nest….. (28.1.14)


It is always very good if we found a nest and thought we can see them bringing up their offspring/s. But to see them how to destroy another nest is no good and very sad though. This is what had happen when we witnessed the Red-throated (RT) and Gold Whiskered (GW) Barbet fighting for the same tree to build a nest. Banded WP was seen days earlier pecking the nest. The pair does come back but did not see them pecking anymore. The dead durian stump has few nests on there. GW was seen earlier pecking on the next dead stump (pic #6435).

While I was watching the male WP climbing and pecking like looking for a new nest, I heard few barbets making noises that are not the normal note I heard before. Few barbets were flying among the durian trees chasing one after another. I was so curious to check on them that I was distracted observing what the WP is trying to look for! Checking through the bins I saw 3 GW going after the pair of RT barbet. Male RT was making very aggressive note shown in the video attach #0043. RT nest is below. Both tried to go near their nest to chase GW away. (either one GW was preening or pecking the nest while the other two GW was chasing away the RT). RT was trying hard to save their nest but in the end look like they lost the battle. Even after the nest was destroyed ( pic #6772) RT did not give up hope but eventually his aggressive call was slowly silent.

Pic #6745 – GW destroys the nest from RT.

Barbet GW-destroy RT nest 6745 copy

Pic #6615 – shown before RT nest was damage.

Barbet GW-6615 copy

Video #0054 – GW destroy the nest from RT.

Two species fighting for a nest….. (28.1.14) from connieksw on Vimeo.

Remarks: Checking from the beginning of videos I’ve recorded from GW, I noticed the GW ‘sprinkled saliva’ inside the wall of the nest (video #0043). This kind of behaviour has been recorded on Coppersmith (2011) when they were preparing to build their new nest. Coppersmith is seen more clearly because the morning light shines inside the nest. The GW lighting is not bright enough but by checking his behaviour he put his head in and shakes it. Moreover his/her back is hanging outside whilst Coppersmith is sitting inside the nest. I might be wrong but I strongly believed he is doing the same behaviour like the Coppersmith.

Another reason I would say that if he is excavating the nest his head and shoulder would have pushed ‘harder’ to show the upper body pushing/moving too!

To check back the Coppersmith field note with one video included, please visit my blog – Select “search in this blog”, type “Coppersmith”.

Comments are welcome.

Two species fighting for a nest….. (28.1.14) – 1 from connieksw on Vimeo.


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