Coppersmith Barbet – nesting with 2 chicks (18.2.14)


I was observing a pair of eagle nesting when I was distracted by this nesting pair. I am not supposed to look at other birds or move the scope when my intention is to observe the eagle because any moment you might get action from them. But I’m glad I did otherwise I won’t have witnessed an adult Yellow-vented Bulbul harassed the parent Coppersmith Barbet (CB). CB was feeding 2 young chicks when feeding was interrupted. Bulbul came in and chased CB. I did not know inside the nest they are 2 chicks, not until when I look back at the photo. Bulbul and CB landed on the same tree both few feet away. Suddenly there is a quick commotion between them. Bulbul was trying to rob the fruit from CB (few fruits still hold in the mouth). Lucky CB was braved enough to fight back and chase the Bulbul away.

I’ve recorded 2 long videos during feeding. Video shown parents have more fruits inside the mouth. I guess more are hidden right under the throat. Parents regurgitate the fruit out and feed them. Just like the hornbill feeding the young ones.

Almost each feeding, parents have to go in the nest and clean the faeces as shown in the pic. # 1851& 1853. Feeding was very frequent. One looks more mature than the other one. Guess the older one will fledge quite soon. Wish I had more time to check on time.


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