White-Throated Kingfisher – dead bird (20.2.14)


I was rushing back home when I saw this breeding pair rob a young chick in the nest of a Common Tailorbird. Tailorbirds were making very loud noise that caught my full attention to stop my car. When I saw the pair nearby I guess they might catch one of their broods for meal. I quickly get down and wanted to get my gear ready. Before I can get out from my car Kingfisher already had one holding in its mouth. I can hear the chick calling. Of course parents were helpless. Now I wonder will the Kingfisher go back for another chick.

This is the third time I saw Kingfisher catching small bird to eat. In 2007 I had some shots on one of them catching a Eurasian Tree-sparrow ( old pix #9558 & 9569 ). The second bird they caught I cannot id the prey and did not take any photo. Also attach old #0294 & 5366. I am always interested to study this breeding pair because they always gave me many pleasant surprises. The prey they caught is exceptionally special.

This morning I saw Kingfisher whacking the prey vigorously until I saw intestines coming out from the prey’s stomach. When Kingfisher tried to swallow in, he/she was nearly choked. Partner watching nearby was calling so loud and partner’s eye was seen very worried. Lucky Kingfisher managed to cough out and started to wrack the prey again. By then they saw me; they moved to a more hidden place to finish up the prey. How I wish I can video the whole series.

Remarks – during nesting period for them to catch fence lizard, frog and cicada are very common. Rarely did they bring back fish to feed chicks.



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