Blue-eared Kingfisher – a surprise for me…. (16/7/14)


I was at the Fish Eagle site when I received a call from Kek Look Tong staff. She informed me that 2 baby blue birds were inside the cave [prayer’s hall], look like injured or going to drown! She told me both were inside the water shaking or shivering……

Within 10 minutes I reached the cave. To my surprise this pair is a Blue-eared Kingfisher having their courtship display!! Both were taking bath and the male was ‘dancing’ while taking his bath. Unfortunately I can only watch from the scope before I realized I have to take video/s and photos. It was too late for me because the female flew off and the male was left behind shaking off the water from his body [refer attached video].

This is the first time I had seen any kingfisher fly in the cave to rest or take bath.

While I still captured video on the male a pair of Java Sparrow flew in to take their bath too (#2761)



KF Blue-eared-M 2758 copy

Sparrow Java-2761copy

Blue-eared Kingfisher – a surprise for me…. (16/7/14) from connieksw on Vimeo.


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