Baya Weaver-A true story that must share out (5.3.15)


While still waiting for the bird I wanted to see, I saw this family especially the female flying in and out from an apple custard tree. I noticed the female did all the feeding whilst the male was resting nearby watching them. After spending more time observing the feeding, I finally realized the male was trying to chase the female away from the feeding because the fledging (at least 3) are mature enough to look food on their own. Fledging kept begging for food. Female was feeding them nonstop. Finally the male took action by chasing the female (#8593 & 8621) from approaching the chick. Then he used forced to pushed the chick away from its perching (#8596 & 8597). Both were screaming very loud. Female still continue to feed the chicks and male was getting more aggressive to stop female from flying in to feed the chicks.

The bird that I wanted to see came out and I have to give up what I truly really enjoyed watching the family.




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