Coppersmith Barbet-Repeated weird behaviour seen in 2011 (16/4/15)


Remember in 11.4.11 I sent a brief notes out on a breeding Coppersmith pair their weird behaviour on excavating the nest. I believed this is the same pair I’ve been following for the past 7-8 years. (maybe my judging could be wrong).

For passed 3-4 weeks this breeding pair was busy excavating their nest. Last few mornings I had another chance to pump into them repeating the same weird behaviour. Is amazing for me to stand there watching for an hour. Not only had I seen the male sprinkled saliva all over the nest inside. One of their offspring came to help by following dad’s behaviour. I couldn’t capture any of the videos because if I do so, my scope will be in the middle of the road. Definitely this will give way to people passing by to see what I am looking at. I did manage to take few images, one from the offspring, dad looking out from the nest and inside the wall of the nest. Female was sitting nearby watching them or waiting to be fed.

Few images had shown them mating and female fed by the male. Indeed a very loving couple. I observed during this courting period female just need to sit and wait for male to feed her. Mating was so frequent that I counted at least 25 copulation or even more than that during the time I started to observed them between 8-10.30am. I lost counting that. I checked back all captured videos and found out many were not copulate. Male just wanna have fun on top on his mate with his mouth filled with figs (#9323). I guess the actual copulating could less than 10 times.

When I reached back home, I heard the called I will quickly check through the scope. Is another convenient way for me to continue observing them at my car porch or balcony.

Please feel free to visit my blog for old notes –

or, check Coppersmith Barbet 11.4.11. A video was shown the male inside the nest sprinkled his saliva.




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