Goodbye Mogu. RIP (29.07.2015)

Mogu was laid to rest on 04/07/2015 about 100 meters away from our home. To be exact, she was 20 years old when she left me. All records were kept by Dr. Goh and Dr. Wan (her Veterinarians) from her first visit until her last day. This medical record card will be return back by me soon. She did not suffer much before she was put to sleep on 03/07/2015 at 8.45pm. Her final resting site was the location where we walk together every morning and night, the place where even some friends take her for a walk.

In November 2012 she accidentally swallows some pesticide spray on the grass near roadside. She was a real fighter and survived from severe diarrhoea and vomiting.

From early 2014 Mogu was occasionally on laser therapy, until early 2015. After laser therapy her quality of life improved tremendously.

A few months ago she was treated by a qualified chiropractor, Dr. Rebecca, to relieve her stiff muscles and joint pains. Mogu was also once visited by a qualified acupuncturist, Dr Susanna Hofherr from the Holistic Veterinary Practice. Mogu was supposed to visit her again on the following week but unfortunately her health changed suddenly, immediately after my daughter left for Holland on 30/06/2015. I made a very quick decision to rush her back to Ipoh to have Dr. Wan check on her. Her kidneys were damaged by 75%. The most difficult and crucial decision I had to make was to let her go on 03/07/2015. I was very well prepared and grateful I could handle the situation well before and after she was gone. I thank both doctors for relieving her uncomfortable pain. Chiropractic therapy improved her appetite and strength. She walked with a normal gait, with no signs of pain and occasionally she was trotting between 20-30 meters. Unbelievable…… she was like 10 years younger!!

Once Mogu and Angel (my cat died at the age of 16 years in March 2008) saved my life from being nearly bitten by a baby python. I was trying to put my foot into my sandal with the entire front covered. They made weird noises that made me very suspicious. I turned the sandal upside down and then the baby cobra crawls out. Gosh…… cannot imagine what would happen to me next…….

Mogu carried on with her ‘heavy’ responsibility until the day she left us. Most touching was the story I shared regarding a cat called Push. With Mogu’s size smaller than any other dog or cat, she was at all times, even in the night, by Push side when Push was very weak for 2 weeks. Push was recovering from major surgery. Push was finally adopted by a Malay family near our home. When ever we have our morning walk and Push saw us, she will quickly walk near us for me and Mogu to hug her. Mogu touched all my friends, even those who have not met her.

Below is the email contact of Dr. Susanna. I am sure some of you having pets like me would like to contact her:

Dr Susanna Hofherr
Holistic Veterinary Practice, Asia Paws (M) SdnBhd
T: +6018 2734110 (text messages only)

Sharing some images of Mogu with you all. Mogu had a very good life until her last day.

Thank for being patience reading my mail.



P.S. Below email’s summary from Dr. Susanna.

Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2015 05:33:06 +0000
Subject: Mongu – TCVM Diagnosis and Treatment summary

Dear Madam Connie and Jeannie,

Based on symptoms, pulse and tongue findings during your first visit, Mongu’s Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medical (TCVM) Diagnosis is:

  • “Kidney” Qi Deficiency
  • “Spleen” Qi Deficiency


  • Qi Flow Stagnation which shows as pain, stiffness and muscle weakness.

Acupuncture regulates and balances blood- and energy flow by needles that stimulate acupuncture points.
Holistic treatments focus on the patient’s healing and self-regulating ability.
Natural medicine helps patients to improve physically and even balance emotions.

Treatment plan for Mongu:

  • One acupuncture treatments a week to “tonify” Qi and “move” Qi helping to strengthen joints, appetite and reduce pain/discomfort.
  • Another component is participating by trying out which food helps her to ‘extract Qi’ to help her digest and become stronger.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicines (certified organic, plant based, chemical free and safe for pets) will be prescribed if Mongu needs additional help to improve.

If you wish for me to evaluate your pet’s (conventional) medical records please make sure that I (or clinic admin at Asia Paws) receive the results BEFORE your next consultation so that I can prepare.

Feel free to ask questions during your pet’s consultation. But please take note that sometimes an answer may need more time than we have during the consultation. The best idea might be to simply send an email to for a detailed answer.

At Asia Paws we believe in educated and informed owners who are empowered to help their pets live a long and good life.

Thank you and kind regards,

Dr Susanna

Dr Susanna Hofherr
Holistic Veterinary Practice
Asia Paws (M) Sdn Bhd

T: +6018 2734110 (text messages only)


One response to “Goodbye Mogu. RIP (29.07.2015)

  1. Dear Connie, We are very sorry to read this sad news. You will miss Mogu alot. 20 years is a long time.Rest assured you have given your pets a good life. Hum and Poh Sim

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