Closed encounter by big flock of Java Sparrow (15/12/15)


As I was driving passed by a mango tree less than 15 meter high, I heard many noises like Eurasian Tree Sparrow. I stopped and listened again but those note sound like Java Sparrow. How come the whole mango tree has calls from both sparrow? Then I saw few Common Iora and a pair Common Tailorbird are in there too. Then flew in another 2 flocks Java Sparrow. Each flock is more than 15. Already inside the tree I counted more than 25 of them. In total at least 50 Java Sparrow are in this mango tree. I counted about 15 Tree Sparrow are in there.

After checking through the scope I saw many Eurasian and Java Sparrow busy picking up very small prey. I can’t see what they are picking up? There was no bright sunlight for backup. I walk nearer then nearer… (5 meter) OMG! many of them are holding ant’s egg to eat!! Java Sparrow is feeding young fledglings. All flew to only one branch well hidden and caught the egg. Amazing encounter!!

I was standing on the side of a narrow sandy road. Many cars, bicycles and people were passing by. After taking some record shots I walk back to my car and hide from inside for further observation. These big group sounds like those Starling coming back in the night to ‘chat’ before roosting!

Over Kek Look Tong I’ve seen huge flock of Java Sparrow (estimated 60-70) on the ground foraging for food. They scattered everywhere on the ground but not like this just on one tree!

Remarks – Ages on Java Sparrow are from adult, sub adult, juvenile to young fledgling.




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