Leafhoppers Beetle exuduting for hours

I was observing the Black-thighed Falconet breeding pair when I noticed this small little creature exuduting. The Leafhoppers was observed exuduting for more than 2.5 hours while I was still observing the falconet. Yesterday I sent out the Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing exuduting  for hours at their puddling site. Now I wonder can these Leafhoppers do the same as what they called it “squirt” the excess water from the abdomen in small jets or droplets “. Many videos were captured. I counted every 2-3 seconds a drop of urine will be released out. I think I am now in the world of exploring myself to see all these cute creatures doing their weird behavior – like mating, exuduting , hours of yawning ( especially from the falconet ) etc.


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