Buffy Fish Owl – no. 14th brood

I and my friend were birding around where the breeding pair of Buffy Fish Owl was nesting for the past few years. We waited until dusk hoping to see the pair come out for hunting.

As we passed by a small stream near us, I suddenly saw the owl. I quickly whispered to my friend and she did not expect the owl can be so low [less than 3 feet above ground or stream]. Due to our presence and so near to the owl, he/she flew up and landed on the nest tree. Still is quite low [less than 20 feet above ground level] and we had a very good view looking at the owl. For me being so used to see the parents, after careful observing through the scope I was so happy we are actually looking at a juvenile!! I quickly took some shots before the light is getting darker. By then the time is 7.15pm. I noticed the juvenile was calling and curiously looking at us by flying from one branch to another. After getting some confidence from us we noticed the juvenile was playing/biting twigs and leaves. Once I saw juvenile trying to get hold of a twig dangling down. I also paid more attention on the juvenile calling frequently, like calling for parents to bring back prey for him/her to eat [captured several dark videos without torch light].  I scanned around looking for parents, I cannot find either one of them. Even though I did not see the parent, I was confident that this juvenile is their 14th brood.  I took few more shots before we leave for safety reason. We left at 7.50pm. I will return back to look for parents. They should be around from the few rain trees around. The female like to nest on this exposed nest. Now more branches have fallen down. The workers had widened the muddy road getting more exposed. That is also one of my reasons I don’t go back so often in case poacher/s are watching me.

Attach pix taken when the juvenile flew out from a nearby stream.

Buffy Fish Owl-juv


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