5 Banded Bay Cuckoo at one small spot


I was observing a group of Banded Bay Cuckoo  (5 birds-rare opportunity) interact on each other by making 3 different notes. These few were flying around the few jackfruit trees. The tallest one [#1099] is their favourite perched for resting for a long long time. This is the second time I had encountered with 5 birds at one place. As I was walking nearer to the jackfruit tree, one nightjar flew out and landed on a perfect perched. I do not know whether this group is in the same family or not. I did not know the nightjar was nearby resting on the ground. What more do you want to ask for any photographer giving you such a good post and lighting.

1st note –  will call similar to the Rusty-breasted Cuckoo’s territorial call.

2nd note – one note heard quite hoarse, to respond back.

3rd note – call sound either like Magpie Robin or Common Iora, with calls to 4-5 notes, quite hoarse.




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