Malaysian giant stick insect ‘mating’

I went back to Ulu Geroh, Gopeng to check the Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing. This time I cannot go inside the trail to search for more butterflies or birds unless an orang asli has to accompany me. I have to pay RM50 (RM25 just for the Rajah Brooke’s) just to go in and have a look. I refuse to pay and walk back to check the stick insect.

First I had some difficulties searching the insect. Soon I had found more than 8 of them including a pair mating (attach pix 3296) and 3 juveniles (pix 3321). I think it should be mating (hope I am not wrong). I took some closed shot at  the end of their ‘tail’ (refer pix 3389 & 3400).  I think the male look brown and the female has some green on her body and claws. I have no idea how their mating was like and the differences between male and female. Can anyone please give comments?

As I was driving out, I saw a few patches of muddy water (could be mineral water) on the ground. There I counted more than 200 Rajah Brooke’s puddling. Also joining them were few more speices. Those are Common Rose, Red Helen, Common Bluebottle, Elbowed Pierrot and 2 more cannot id them. Took some images of them together with the Rajah Brooke’s.


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